We Combine The Inspirational Power Of Video With The Precision Of YouTube Advertising To Drive More Direct Online Bookings

Inspire Travellers To Book Direct

And Reduce Booking Abandonments

Reaching people in the 'moments that matter' (or Micro Moments) is key to a successful YouTube Ads campaign. Travellers go through 4 main Micro Moments when booking their holiday:

I Want To get away from it all

Dreaming Moments

I want this trip to be amazing

Planning Moments

I'm ready to book my holiday

Booking Moments

I want even more from my holiday

Experiencing Moments


We approach things differently. Every Travel and Tourism business is unique. And we believe that every YouTube Ads Campaign strategy should be unique too.  There's no 'cookie-cutter' approach when it comes to advertising successfully on YouTube.

The first step we take is to do a deep dive into your business, your ideal customers, the marketing you’re doing right now, the marketing you've done in the past and your business goals. We then develop a tailored YouTube Advertising Strategy for your business.


data driven results

Once we've planned out your strategy, produced your YouTube Video Ads and launched your campaign, we then spend the time daily, weekly and monthly, analysing the results and data, optimising and scaling your campaign to deliver on  your objectives, whatever they might be; for example you might be wanting to:

  • Increase Direct Bookings
  • Create More Brand Awareness
  • Build a Consistent Stream of Enquiries
  • Reduce Booking Abandonments
  • Re-Engage Previous Customers
  • Or Something Else...


Travel and Tourism is about experiences and how you make your customers feel. And in today’s day and age, it’s about personalising those experiences; but you need to connect with your customers first. 

In today’s competitive marketplace and an online global audience, with over 81%* of people booking holidays online, it’s time to move beyond traditional marketing and instead, embrace the technology and opportunities that YouTube Advertising offers. 

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