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Grow Your YouTube Channel, Engage With Your Social Media Followers and  Inspire Your Website Visitors With Monthly, On-Going, Compelling Video Content

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We handle 'The Works' for you

Video Strategy

Video Topic Planning

Filming and Editing

Video Distribution

Monthly Reporting

Video Content That delivers results

You need an ROI on your Video Marketing, right? Here's what's possible when you use video strategically:

  • Drive Bookings of Your Tours
  • Reach New Audiences
  • Grow Your YouTube Subscriber Base
  • Build Your Brand Awareness
  • Tell Unique, Inspiring Stories
  • And So Much More...

One of our recent projects in New Zealand

Micro Moments and Video

To be successful with video, you need to have a solid strategy behind you; producing video content without a strategy is like sailing a ship on the ocean without a map, compass or GPS.

When booking a trip, travellers move through 4 stages or 'Micro Moments' along their 'Path to Purchase':

Micro Moment 1

I Want To Get Away

Dreaming Moments

Micro Moment 2

I Want This Trip To Be Perfect

Planning Moments

Micro Moment 3

I Want To Book it

Booking Moments

Micro Moment 4

I Want To Make The Most of it

Experiencing Moments

Reaching travellers in these Micro Moments is key to a successful Video Marketing Strategy, so we'll develop and produce video content specifically for each Micro Moment along a travellers 'Path To Purchase'. 

In each Micro Moment, travellers are in different mindsets and therefore need different content to firstly, fulfil their desires at that current moment, and secondly, to move them towards the next Micro Moment and closer to making that booking with you.

done for you from end-to-end

We  don’t just produce inspirational video content that drives brand awareness, engagement, bookings and revenue. We handle “the works”.

That means we’ll look after the whole process for you. From planning out your video marketing strategy and video concept development, through to filming and editing, as well as uploading and optimising your videos to your YouTube Channel. 

If you've got an in-house marketing team, we can work with them to deliver the required video content they need, whether that's for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your website or any other channels you publish video content on.

When we say 'The Works', we mean 'The Works'! Here's what's included with all of our packages →

  • Video Marketing Strategy
  • Video Topic Planning
  • Video Concept Development
  • Scripting and Storyboarding
  • Filming (With 4K Cameras)
  • Aerial Filming (optional)
  • Video Editing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Video Optimisation
  • YouTube Channel Management
  • YouTube Ads Campaigns (optional)
  • Video Distribution
  • Monthly Performance Reporting

Power Up With YouTube Ads...

As YouTube Ads experts (and YouTube Ads Certified), we can skyrocket your results with YouTube Ads Campaigns by:

  • Positioning your brand in front of travellers who are your ideal customers
  • Driving direct bookings of your tours
  • Showing personalised YouTube Ads to travellers based on where they are along their Path To Purchase
  • Reducing your booking abandonments using advanced remarketing strategies
  • Growing your YouTube Subscriber base
  • Driving more traffic to your YouTube videos

Some of Our Results...


in 2 Weeks

A series of 'Day in the Life' videos


in 4 Weeks

1 x Viral Video

Over 100,000 Views in 12 Months

1 x Optimised YouTube Video

How It Works

Step 1: Discovery Call

Book your free Discovery Call, where we’ll explore your brand to understand your who you are, what you offer, your business objectives and your ideal customers

Step 2: Video Strategy

Next, we’ll develop the first 3 months of your Video Marketing Strategy, outline the topics for each video and get your input to make sure we’re off to a great start

Step 3: Video Concepts

Now it's time to flesh out the content for each video. We'll research, script and storyboard, as well as plan out the logistics and camera crew for filming the videos

Step 4: Production

Now it’s time to get the cameras out and start filming! Depending on how many videos we're producing for you, we'll spend 1-4 days filming every month

Step 5: Optimise and Launch

Next, we'll deliver the videos to your team to distribute online.  If we're managing your YouTube Channel, we can upload the videos and optimise them for maximum visibility. 

Step 6: Measure Performance

Each month, we'll review the performance of your videos as these insights allow us to refine and develop your strategy and video content for maximum ROI

Got Ideas For Your Videos?

If you’ve got ideas for your video content, send them our way, we’ll add them into your video marketing roadmap and get them launched!

If there are certain videos that need to be published to coincide with a specific date, just let us know and we’ll make sure that your deadline is met. 

Need Ideas For Your Videos?

When we start working together, we’ll plan out the first 3 months of your Video Marketing Strategy, which includes the topics/subject for each video we're proposing to produce for you. And then 3 months later, we’ll plan out the following 3 months content.

We run all our ideas past you first before moving forward with any of them, to make sure that you're 100% happy with them.

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