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More Than Just Video

Video is one of the most powerful ways to communicate your brands message, showcase the unique and aspirational experiences you offer,  and ultimately, sell tours and maximise direct bookings. 

Video on its own is powerful; but it's not powerful enough to drive tangible results.  

But when video is combined with the precision of YouTube Video Ads, you have the ability to reach massive, targeted audiences like never before.

And more importantly, YouTube Video Ads deliver a consistent and predictable stream of leads, designed to maximise direct bookings and fill your tours.

In the Travel sector, customer journey is everything. We take the time to plan out a road-map of the customer journey, matching the right message, in the right format, at the right moment. 

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What Sets Us Apart?

We specialise in helping Tour Operators break through the noise and competition.  Telling your story through inspirational YouTube Video Advertising Campaigns. We track every aspect of your campaign and provide you with advanced analytics so that you can see exactly how it's performing. Delivering an ROI and driving direct bookings is our number one priority. 

Imagine having time saved by not having to manage all the complexities of video production and the peace of mind knowing that you are engaging and captivating new audiences, bringing them into your world and leveraging video effectively and profitably, on the world’s largest video platform - YouTube. 

Our success is your success. We want you to thrive and grow and smash your bookings out of the park.


We’re flipping traditional video Advertising on its head

We’ve completely reimagined the idea of a video advertising agency to give you the creativity and capacity of a big agency, audience insights, data and increased video performance - with the attention to detail and personal touch of a small agency, at a fraction of the cost of traditional production.

data driven

Month after month, we learn from the results and audience insights in your campaigns, then refine your strategy to produce more impact, reach, brand awareness and a higher ROI

Tour operators

Working with Tour Operators, we keep right up to date on what engages, excites and inspires travellers and bring all of this knowledge into your YouTube Ad Campaigns

hassle free

We handle the 'The Works', so your team can focus on other marketing activities. We plan your strategy, develop video concepts, film, edit, optimise, manage and scale your YouTube Ads Campaigns

all-in-one cost

No more proposals or unexpected hidden fees to worry about. We've put together simple, all-inclusive, fixed price packages to fit your YouTube Ads  requirements

dedicated team

Our friendly, passionate team are here to help you succeed with YouTube Ads. From camera operators and aerial filming pilots, to editors, producers and certified YouTube Ads experts





Production Team


Production Team


Producer and Interviewer





We understand that many businesses have had bad experiences with marketing agencies, whether that is due to a poor quality of work or perhaps no work or results have been delivered. Visual8 Digital are different. This is why our most important CORE VALUE is Transparency; we hold nothing back. Think of us as an extension of your team. 


There's nothing more satisfying to us as delivering a consistent flow of enquiries, bookings and customers into our clients' businesses. With our core focus being Tour Operators, results for our clients are what we thrive on.


On average, people spend around 33% of their lives working, so for us, it's important that we enjoy every moment we spend 'at work'. We never want to be in a position where we dread Mondays!

For us, we love delivering results for our clients, enriching their lives, their businesses and the people that they serve.


Our commitment is to our clients, maintaining and building healthy, long-term client-agency relationships as we collaboratively strive to achieve the same goals and objectives.

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